Digital Marketing in Real Estate Industry – Strategic Guide

Digital Marketing in Real Estate


When compared to other sectors real estate market has unique challenges. The reason being high competition, time-locking, super localized, and extremely involved products. When it comes to buying a house, buyers do extensive research before finalizing a property. The buyers look out for dealers, brokers, online sellers. Digital Marketing in Real Estate makes it more profitable in providing personalized experiences to buyers.

How Internet Plays an Important Role?

1) 92% of home buyers use the Internet at some point for their home search

2) 87% of all buyers who work with agents trust them as good information sources

3) 42% of all home buyers used the internet as the first step in their home search

4) 14% of all home buyers look online for information about the buying process

Over the years, real estate properties are making their online presence with the help of digital marketing services. It will help them to generate leads and boost sales.

Why Real Estate Needs Digital Marketing?

The key driving factor, that makes Digital Marketing in the Real Estate Industry so popular today is due to the access at affordable prices. It also helps to reach out to the targeted audiences through different channels, such as:

  • SEO or Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Email Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Google Ads or PPC

How will real estate customers benefit from digital marketing?

With the advent of digital marketing in real estate, it has now opened doors for buyers by giving them a lot of options.

How will real estate realtors benefit from digital marketing?

With the help of digital marketing tools, real estate can earn maximum ROI. Also, it helps to measure each expense.

Strategies for Real Estate Digital Marketing to boost online sales

When an industry or business is talked about, digital marketing has become an inseparable part. In today’s marketing world it plays significant roles.

Real estate companies in India have embraced digital marketing in full swing. The companies are spending around 25% of their total budget i.e. of Rs 2500 crore Digitally.

1. Campaign or Strategy for Conversion Purpose

Build a marketing campaign and strategy focusing on goal and conversion. A marketer needs to inform their audience of the next step for a successful conversion.

Key elements of an effective conversion strategies are CTA, customer profiling, designing, and pitching. Whereas on the other hand brand communication and creativity leave an impact on the consumers. So, a creative element should not be compromised as it will drive them to maximize sales.

2. Engaging Your Customers

In this digital age customers are constantly searching and researching through digital channels. Therefore, it is very important to initiate communication through emails, blogs, social media, groups, forums, etc.

To help build an image among the audience, the strategy for engagement needs to be well thought out. Infographics, videos, contests should be used for engagement. Because, in the real estate world, It takes dedicated amount of time to make the decision. so certain engagement strategies will help to stay on top.

3. Answering Customers through your Blog

A blog is a key to creating interest, engaging, explaining, and ultimately converting oncoming traffic. Therefore, providing in-depth information helps in making better and informed purchasing decisions.

Customers of real estate have a long journey. Thus, taking surveys and keeping track of your audience will help to brainstorm his/her journey. Develop blogs based on FAQs or most discussed topics. Blogs also help in engaging the audience. It will lead to higher search results.

4. Comprehensive marketing on vertical search engine

For any google search, the top results are,,, Makkan, etc. The traffic seen on these sites is heavy. They provide a listing of properties along with advertisements for free or on a paid basis. But before choosing, try to check your local audience engagement on these vertical search engines about are your competitors who are marketing on platforms like these.

Marketing through communication is an important element. These websites like the use of keywords, call to action, advertising copy. Clean images of properties will give a clear picture of the company’s offering and product to the target audience.

5. Advertising & SEM

Initially, when we start a website, It is difficult to reach the desired traffic through SEO. Also to rank in top searches, this process takes time. Therefore, PPC advertising and Social Media Marketing can be effective to reach the target audience quickly.

The most common mistake seen by marketers is in their budgeting, targeting, or making ad copies due to the common SEM strategy and advertising approach. In three ways this can be fixed:

Targeting Keyword:

Ubersuggest & Google Adwords gives the right keywords to constructively target your audience. Using Google Analytics and Webmasters will assist in improving performance. We can comprehend audience behavior for the performing and non-performing keywords.

Generate revenue through long-tail keywords. They will specifically target the audience who are intent to buy. Due to their low competition for such keywords, they are having great potential.

Increase brand awareness through Guerilla Marketing by targeting competitor keywords and locations.

Ad Copies:

Ad copies constructed with targeted keywords must be accurate, crystal clear, and crisp. The mention of CTA (Call to Action) is a major aspect of advertising copy. Ad copy without CTA is meant to be insufficient. CTA helps to lead the audience in making the right decision. It helps to spot your real customers.

Monitoring & Testing:

The performance of the ad copy will be identified by experimenting 2-3 ad copies. Every aspect of the content, CTA, color combination or even ad copy is placed under the scanner to get complete performance information. Our aim is to use the best copy that performs high. It will also personalize communication with the prospects.

6. Role of Video Marketing in Real Estate

The video has become the biggest form of consumption in content marketing. No matter what the platform is! According to one report, 80% of viewers are more likely to buy a property after watching a video. In a country like India, trust is a major concern. Therefore, the video becomes important for prospects in offering loyalty and brand recognition through touchiness.

Moreover, it also helps to reach the target audience easily. Also get high conversion rates when compared to television advertisements. video production is cheaper for online marketing. Video marketing can vary according to need. Be it for social media, for a blog or website, from a sales perspective, or to just create brand awareness, etc.

7.   Creating an emotional connection through the Brand:

Developing a personal relationship with consumers is what now brands are more focused on. In this digital age it is more of Human to Human, gone are the days of B2B, B2C, C2C, etc. Utilize various social channels to grow a relationship with the target audience to form a strong brand identity through a sense of trust and reliability.

Product involvement by purchasers tends to be higher for goods that are costlier therefore a brand should be aware of the interest level of its audience to provide them with an enhanced buyer experience. Communicating with your audience results in greater engagement and stronger brand recall.


The brand has done wonders in driving conversions through digital marketing techniques. Knowing your audience is essential for driving conversions. The gates of opportunity for a real estate developer are now open farther with real estate digital marketing. Digital marketing in real estate has helped to increase customer acquisition, improve customer engagement, affordable advertising, and make the best use of influencer marketing. Soon, we are looking to boost investment in digital marketing from real estate brands since new technologies are set to improve the consumer experience in real-time.


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